Strangest Daytona 500 in History

Jet Drier fire at Daytona 2012

OK, it happens.

The rains come in, and they delay the race for a few hours. Then it becomes evident that the rain isn’t going to stop, so the race is postponed until the next day.

So we make our plans to watch, or listen to the race at work.

THEN we find out it will start in PRIME TIME! I do like night races.

Now the race starts ‘on time’, but there is a big crash on lap 2 that takes out the ‘arguably’ two most interesting drivers that started tonights race.

Now everything seems to be fairly normal for a while.

Then, when you think you’ve seen everthing, Juan Pablo Montoya, UNDER A YELLOW FLAG, crashes into a Jet Dry truck and ruptures the fuel tank with 200 gallons of Jet Fuel!!!

This is like a soap opera! I don’t see how this track isn’t destroyed for tonights race.


Who says racing is boring.

So how many NASCAR races started on one day, and finished on the next with just a little break?

Maybe not a bad idea to have a half-time in a big race. HAHA!

Let’s hope this doesn’t foreshadow a disastrous season!

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