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“How ‘Bout ya Southbound. Ya Got It On?”

Little Cobra 75 Tucked Away

So last week I posted a few things that any driver should be thinking about when they are driving. This week, let me show you something┬áthat I use quite frequently on long trips. Back in the ’70’s a song came out that subsequently turned into a movie. ‘Convoy’ was about a group of truckers, talking on the CB radio, that got together and drove lawlessly across country. Now I don’t recommend driving lawlessly anywhere, but there are ways to make your trip a little quicker. Enter the lowly CB radio. Used by over-the-road truckers for decades to get directions, stay awake, find local information, and discuss the finer points of 4 wheelers, seat covers, countie mounties and beavers. Anyway, our little family has had the opportunity to spend an enormous amount of time on the open highway due to travel soccer, swim and dance teams. Listening to the CB has … Continue reading

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