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Where Do You Get To Be a Car Guy?

Hemi Clock

Where do you get to go be a Car Guy? We all need some where to enjoy our hobby. Is yours watching a race on TV? Is it Barrett-Jackson on Speed? How about changing oil in the driveway? Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a Cobra replica with a Gurney-Eagle 351 with 4 down-draft Webers and short stacks in the garage!! Well, I can’t be the only one that watches DIY. So between ManCaves and Barret-Jackson I had to do something. We bought a smaller house last time and since it used to be a model home for our neighborhood, and the office was in the converted garage, it was heated and air-conditioned. I came to love that, so when we built this house, we added garage vents that can be opened and closed, as well as having the garage insulated very well. What a great place to build a Hot Rod garage! How to start? I … Continue reading

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